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"Skylark's Cate has worked for our editing and translation services at the University of Liège on a freelance basis since 2011, editing research papers in English, written by French-speaking academics. Cate has always been extremely reliable in keeping deadlines, and has also proved very flexible. Her work has been consistently of the highest quality. I have often received emails of thanks from our clients, attesting to the clarity of her editing and how much they appreciate her work. Cate has shown considerable versatility in her work, editing papers across many subjects, from classics to veterinary medicine.


"In summary, Cate has produced a high and consistent standard of work, has excellent writing communication skills, and her relationship with me as head of the ULg editing and translation team and other team members has been friendly and highly professional. I give her my highest recommendation."


Phyllis Smith

Head of Editing & Translation Service, University of Liège, Belgium

What our clients say



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